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Amika’s Debut Bollywood Song

Amika Shail is debuting in Bollywood with her first ever playback for movie Wedding Anniversary. Starring Nana Patekar and Mahie Gill, the movie is scheduled to release on 17th February 2017. Do watch the trailer of this movie and watch the movie on 17th February with your love.


Event Performances

Amika has been the people’s choice for the family and corporate events.


Playback Singing

Indian Idol fame and Youtube sensation Amika has recorded number of songs.

Voice Over

Amika has given her voice to number of commercials and non-commercials.

All Time Hits


Amika Shail

She became a part of Little champs at the age of 9, the gang of young, talented singers put together by the Music Director Bappi Lahiri, extremely talented singers Alka Yagnik & Abhijeet Bhattacharya. A Kolkata girl with a heart full of gratitude for Mumbai for accepting her and allowing her passion to make her profession. Mumbai has been home for her since 2011 after completing schooling from Kolkata. She began her musical voyage when she held the learning threads of Hindustani Classical music at the age of 5. She credits her mother for the passionate gift of music. Once she understood that life is about doing something substantial and one has to be someone when they grow up, all she could think of was to become a singer and spread her music across the borders.

What People Are Saying

Amika is an amazing singer and a performer. During her tour to USA & Canada she just rocked the crowd. Audience kept flocking in after seeing her electrifying performance.
Karl Kalra Live2U, USA

Amika is a fantastic vocalist of all time and she is the mega star of performing world. Nobody could do a live show like her. Such an energetic & electrifying performer.
Anuj Bhanti Kulshrestha Kulshrestha Productions | Ddirector @ Hindi Gaurav

Amika Shail is simply amazing in one word. Her voice just makes me feel out of the world whenever I listen to her songs live or on TV. I wish her all the success in her life.
Prakashlath Ashiyana Events, Kolkata

I heard Amika’s singing . It’s really moving. Amika has such an honest way of using her voice. So true, so beautiful. We really enjoyed and look forward to her next performance over here.
Babou Run V.O, Reunion France

I love Amika’s concerts! She is full of positive energy and the audience just soaks it up! Lots of fun! I advocate her voice for playback singing. A ready to record voice.

Steve Clough Professor @ Illinois University, Chicago

I got chance to work with Amika couple of times. She is just amazing on stage. A lively singer with gorgeous looks & oozing energy. I Wish her all the best for her bright future.

Manmeet Singh Showbizz Celebrations Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh

Amika Shail is an outstanding singer. She has got an amazing husky voice with soulful tune. Not only singing, she blows everyone’s mind by her thrilling live performance.

Suresh Thomas-
Suresh Thomas Crescendo Music, Mumbai